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SXSW wrap up post

Man-o-man, SXSW 2010 is in the history books. All that chaos ruptured, but now as the dust settles we can preform a quick autopsy. The Night played 3 shows in less that 24 hours Friday Night through Saturday Evening, generating new fans each time. Its great to play to these audiences because they are all […]

Zafer & Nick’s Bio

We still need to write up Troy’s but here’s these two: Nick Welp I first started drumming on my mother’s walls when I was 4 and drumset was an inevitable out growth. Drums are an exciting instrument. Even with a country back beat, the snare is the kick in your step. On top of that, […]

Awesome new Bio for the band

The Night: The Night stirs the sounds of Bauhaus, The Police, Dick Dale (King of the Surf Guitar), with the relentless energy of the Foo Fighters. Our music is good for both rock and boogie. Zafer Hamza plays bass and sings, Troy Hooper plays the guitar, and Nick Welp is on drums. The Night has […]