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A Nice Review of Our Annie’s West show

Westy liked our performance at Annie’s West. Find more here.

They had chorus hooks and lyrics that related to the music well, enhancing the feeling of wee-hours mixed exhaustion and elation that’s key to this lean, speedy style. As a live band they’re a few steps further along the path than I expected they would be. First of all, they’re really solidly together as a band. Zafer Hamza is exceptionally good at playing the bass (with his fingers!) and singing at the same time. He doesn’t just pound the rhythm, but he often provides the principal melodies while keeping meter too. Drummer Nick Welp deserves praise for both his technique and his willingness to play very simply but for just the right moments. In getting to hear a whole set’s worth of music, I started to hear some different, non-Mancunian influences creeping in, particularly in Troy Hooper’s guitar playing. Not a lot of fingerpicking on Joy Division’s records. They should nurture those seeds to be sure.

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