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Zafer & Nick’s Bio

We still need to write up Troy’s but here’s these two:
Nick Welp
I first started drumming on my mother’s walls when I was 4 and drumset was an inevitable out growth. Drums are an exciting instrument. Even with a country back beat, the snare is the kick in your step. On top of that, playing Rock & Roll, I’m playing a genre that’s intrinsically exciting. I like to be a grooving fire cracker. Major influences include Stewart Copeland (The Police), Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown), John Bonham, and Dave Grohl. Bands I’ve Played In: Jojokrako, Stealing Gin, Cerebus, Tin Moth, Hollis & The Mighty McGreggors, The Tease and The Terror, I Love My Dead Gay Son (The Musical), and nanoSMASH. I nearly died when I was 7 from chlorine inhalation, I failed 4th grade english, and have a BA in Philosophy.

Zafer Hamza:

Zafer has gigged throughout Texas. His personal highlights: Bob Marley Fest, Grateful Daze, The Pecan Street Festival, and the Houston Racetrack. He has shared the stage with such acts as The Toadies, The Scabs, and has performed live on KLBJ, and TV stations like Austin Music Network and Austin Community Television. His music has been featured in several short films and TV shows as well as MTV programming. He was born in Lebanon and raised in Dallas, escaping the war that enveloped his family’s original home. He’s previously played in Swedish Heat Pump, Post Mortem Statement, Red Church Museum, Mizerio, The Heart Project, Pezz Perez, Girl Crazy and nanoSMASH.

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